Save on Workers’ Compensation

The Ohio Association of Public Treasurers’ is pleased to offer a member benefit program designed to lower the premiums your organization pays for workers’ compensation coverage. Through our partnership with Sedgwick, members have an opportunity to participate in a variety of programs to assist in lowering workers’ compensation premiums.

Sedgwick is Ohio’s leading provider of claims administration services for workers’ compensation, unemployment compensation, alternative rating program administration and safety and loss prevention. They have been serving Ohio employers of all sizes, from large corporations to small family-owned businesses, and in virtually every industry classification since 1984.

Clients of Sedgwick also have the ability to receive free telephonic consultation in the areas of Unemployment Compensation and Safety and Loss Prevention to assist with a variety of risk, health, and safety issues.

Workers’ Compensation
Save on your workers’ compensation premiums

If you pay into the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) for workers’ compensation premiums, we have savings programs and cost containment strategies for you that are already a part of your member benefits with the Ohio Association of Public Treasurers (OAPT).

It is recommended that all state funded employers annually review the BWC alternative rating/premium discount programs available through the OAPT’s program and administrated by our workers’ compensation partner, Sedgwick.  Members may utilize the expertise of Sedgwick’s colleagues to review their policy and determine the programs that may garner the most savings while keeping in mind their risk tolerance.  Major discount programs include:

  • Group Rating – Employers with better than average claim histories join together through a sponsoring organization for the purpose of being rated as a larger employer thus gaining the ability to receive a much lower premium. Programs administered by Sedgwick have produced over $2.2 billion in savings since the inception of the program in 1991.
  • Group Retrospective Rating – Participants have the opportunity to receive retrospective premium refunds at the end of the three evaluation periods if claim costs are kept below a predetermined amount.  Sedgwick administers programs for a variety of business segments such as cities, school districts, counties, healthcare, manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail and service. Over $115 million has been earned by participants since implementation in 2009.
  • Self Insurance – An employer administers their own workers’ compensation claims and does not pay premiums into the state insurance fund. Sedgwick in conjunction with their parent, Sedgwick, has the privilege of providing self-insurance program services to 1 out of every 5 Ohio self-insured employers.
  • Grow Ohio – New employers entering the state of Ohio have the opportunity to select a premium discount option to be applied to their annual workers’ compensation premium. Contact Sedgwick for more information and see how your organization could qualify for a group rating program and receive a premium discount effective on the first day of coverage.
  • Other Alternative Rating Programs – Sedgwick also encourages all members to look at program discount/rebate stacking options when participating in either Group Rating or Group Retrospective Rating. When participating in Group Rating, consider adding on Drug Free Safety (4-7 percent), Industry Specific Safety (3 percent), Transitional Work (up to 10 percent bonus) and Safety Council performance rebate (2 percent).  Group Retrospective Rating participants should consider stacking on the Safety Council participation rebate (2 percent).  Whether participating in Group Rating or Group Retrospective Rating, additional discounts can be added such as Lapse Free (1 percent) and Go Green (1 percent).

For more information on all of the alternative rating / premium discount programs, contact Sedgwick.

Why request a quote?

Sedgwick offers a free, no-obligation evaluation to assist with your annual due diligence to compare discount opportunities and fees.  This is an opportunity to compare TPA services and receive valuable account information including rating options, premium estimate and claims history.  Sedgwick’s experts will offer suggestions for participation in programs that can be stacked together to maximize your savings.

2 easy ways to complete your request for a free evaluation

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  2. Call Sedgwick’s Customer Support Unit at 800.825.6755, option 3

If your current third party administrator is not providing your organization with these alternative options, or elevating your service experience, consider enlisting the services of Sedgwick, Ohio’s leading workers’ compensation administrator and take advantage of this tremendous member benefit offered by OAPT.